Pig House Ventilation Systems

The Fancom climate systems are characterised by the extremely high accurate of airflow measurement. The specially developed climate computers create the optimal conditions in every house. 

All components of the Fancom installation are selected for outstanding quality & functionality. Fancom systems offer you a number of unique advantages: 

  • Accurate ventilation based on the actual number of animals, animal weight and the measured airflow 
  • Savings on energy costs thanks to the Optisec™ control, which automatically harmonises heating & ventilation 
  • Early signalling of abnormalities in feed and water dosing using registration inputs in the climate controller




EasyFlow is specifically designed for situations where no measurement and control units are used. EasyFlow controls the fan based on an RPM feedback that constantly measures the fans running speed.                                                      


CentralFlow is Fancom's intelligent ventilation system especially desinged for houses with a central air exhaust duct. Using a central air exhaust duct offers many advantages to the customer.               



NatuFlow is Fancom's ventilation system specifically designed for control per house or per section. It takes the age of the animals into consideration to automatically create accurate ventilation.                            

Lumina Climate Control 

The Lumina series of control computers features the latest new touch screen operation technologies. One finger is enough to have full control of the climate, feed and weighing computers in the house.

There is also a Lumina complete house solution that enables you to operate several control computers through one central touch screen. An extra advantage of this central control system is that the animal data only needs to be changed in one place. The 'swipe' function lets the user browse through the different process control units in the house. Remote operation by smartphone or tablet computer is also possible.



Lumina 20 & 21

  • One central computer for 8-24 pig sections 
  • Intelligent climate control 
  • Many extra control functions                      

Lumina 17

  • Intelligent climate controller for large pig sections
  • Huge number of control functions
  • Simple operation                                       

Aura 12 & 14

  • Efficient ventilation with the most accurate airflow measurement 
  • Efficient energy use 
  • Operation saves time & prevents errors

Fantura Air Inlet System 

The Fancom Fantura air inlet system ensures all the animals in the house have sufficient fresh air, without draughts or cold patches. The Fantura air inlet system is unique. A special jet stream bundles the incoming air, creating a better throw so that no more cold air drops onto your animals.


Watch the Fancom Fantura Video


Fresh air throughout the house even with minimum ventilation

The Fantura air inlet system consists of an air inlet valve, an intelligent actuator and a smart control computer.

A conventional air inlet valve set for minimum ventilation create a long, narrow opening. So the cold, incoming air has too little mass, decreases in speed too rapidly and drops down on the animals. The special jet stream of the Fantura air inlet valve bundles the incoming air, creating a better throw, and direct the air to the ridge of the house where it can mix with the warm air inside the house.

The aerodynamic housing is equipped with an air entry cone that reduces air resistance, which is energy saving. In combination with the jet stream, the Fanturainlet valve delivers 30% more capacity. So you can cut down on the number of air inlet valves.

The Fantura system works with a combination of the Fancom climate computer and the intelligent iM.60 or iM.125 actuators. Based on the capacity required, the actuator determines the ideal position of the air inlet valve and guarantees the correct volume of fresh air in any conditions.


NEW: Fantura Ceiling Inlet

Fancom introduces a unique inlet that ensures a constant, uniform supply of fresh air throughout the house, even in extremely
wide buildings. It effectively eliminates a cold air drop onto your animals, so they stay in good health and grow better. In addition, the consistent and even growth conditions improve uniformity. The Fantura ceiling ventilation system consist of a ceiling inlet, an intelligent actuator and smart control computer.