NEW! Ceiling Fantura

After the success of the hugely popular Fantura, Fancom have launched another product to the inlet range, this time a ceiling inlet, particularly aimed at pig houses.

Like the original model it aims to ensure there is always enough fresh air in every part of the house, eliminating the cold air drop down onto the animals, creating more uniform growth and healthier animals. 

The Fantura ceiling ventilation system consists of a ceiling inlet, an intelligent actuator and a smart control computer.

Why is it the right choice for your pig house?
When a conventional ceiling inlet is set to the minimum ventilation position, a long, narrow opening is created. The cold incoming air has too little mass, and its flow speed decreases too rapidly and so drops down onto the animals. However, the fantura creates a special jetstream, changing the shape of the opening into a compact rectangular one. The incoming air is bundled which creates a better throw so that all the animals in the house can benefit from sufficient supplies of fresh air. The system works fully automatically, which eliminates the need to close the inlets manually. This saves you time and prevents errors.

Fancom are experts when it comes to creating innovative, high quality ventilation equipment, which we love supplying to our customers, and this new member of the Fantura family is no different!

ceiling fantura2.jpg
ceiling fantura.jpg