NEW! Fancom eYeGrow!

On March 19th 2018, Fancom introduced the eYeGrow, a completely new camera system to weigh finishers.

This type of cutting edge, high quality equipment is exactly what JF McKenna is all about!

The unique feature of the eYeGrow is the 3D camera installed above the section which continually monitors and registers the animals, enabling accurate weight calculations. The 3D camera is compatible with all conditions, with a difference in light or temperature not affecting functionality in any way.

The data collected is stored in the cloud and important management information such as average weight, growth per day, number of measurements and uniformity, is available 24/7 from anywhere you are.

Unlike manual weighing, which can cause a growth dip due to stress, this process is completely stress free for the animals- and for the farmers as no additional labour input is required.

Combined with our other Fancom systems for climate control and feed automation, the eYegrow system offers pig farmers complete control of the growth process in their houses.

If you are interested in finding out more, visit our stand at the 2018 Pig and Poultry Fair, Stoneleigh, or contact our team.