Fancom Fantura Air Inlet System

The Fancom Fantura air inlet system is the most advanced inlet on the market. It ensures a constant, even supply of fresh air into the house in all conditions. It puts an end to cold air dropping down onto your animals.

Fresh air throughout the house, even at minimum ventilation! 

Your animals stay healthy and grow better, and the consistent growth conditions improve uniformity. The Fantura air inlet system consists of an air inlet valve, an intelligent actuator and a smart control computer.

A conventional air inlet valve set for minimum ventilation create a long, narrow opening. So the cold, incoming air has too little mass, decreases in speed too rapidly and drops down on the animals. The special jet stream of the Fantura air inlet valve bundles the incoming air, creating a better throw, and direct the air to the ridge of the house where it can mix with the warm air inside the house. 

30% more capacity

The aerodynamic housing is equipped with an air entry cone that reduces air resistance, which is energy saving. In combination with the jet stream, the Fanturainlet valve delivers 30% more capacity. So you can cut down on the number of air inlet valves.

Intelligent Acutator

The Fantura system works with a combination of the Fancom climate computer and the intelligent iM.60 or iM.125 actuators. Based on the capacity required, the actuator determines the ideal position of the air inlet valve and guarantees the correct volume of fresh air in any conditions.