Dry Feeding Systems


An automated feeding process offers you many practical advantages. You can rely on your animals being given the right dose of feed automatically. To optimise results, you can adapt the ration composition to suit the animals needs. 

Extensive signal functions safeguard the feeding process and warn in time of situations where preventative action may be needed. 

Fancom offers two different dry feeding systems:

  • EasyFeed™
  • MultiPhase™


  • Basic dry feeding system
  • Volume dosing at house level 
  • No feed weighing used                                                    


  • Controls portion & composition of feed per place
  • Gives you flexible control 
  • Add by-products to feed            

Dry Feeding Equipment

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EasyFeed™ Computer 

  • Simple feeding system for volume dosing 
  • Plug & play solution 
  • Convenient, time-saving & economises on feed costs
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Lumina 71

MultiPhase™ Computer

  • Complete control of  multiphase feeding
  • Extensive registration possibilities 
  • Simple operation & connection to PC