Biometrics and Data Management 

We supply a number of Fancom systems to help you to retrieve valuable data about the performance of your animals. Fancom have developed a series of accurate and reliable biomentric and data management systems that observe and inspect animal behaviour, and the entire produciton process. 


farmmanager software

FarmManager software links you to your house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FarmManager combines data from your process computers in the house and presents this information to you in easy to read graphs.

eyegrow demo march 2018 (4).jpg


eYeGrow is an automatic weight monitor for finishers. A 3D camera installed in the ridge of the section continually monitors and registers the animals so the computer can accurately calculate their weight.                                           


bioselect station 

BioSelect is a weighing and sorting station for finishers housed in groups. it is also used for weight-based selection of pigs at delivery. BioSelect plays a major role in the management of groups of 300-400 pigs.                                                                         

Fancom Pig Cough Monitor01.jpg

cough monitor

The Fancom Pig Cough Monitor continuously monitors the occurence of coughing in the pig house. With this innovation, a continuous observation of the respiratoru health status of pigs becomes possible, diseases can be detected earlier and the use of antibiotics can be reduced